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Jill Shepherd's Dharma Talks at Auckland Insight Meditation
Jill Shepherd
Wisdom and compassion are two themes that inform my current exploration of the dharma, and I aspire to integrate these as fully as I can in both formal practice and daily life.
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2020-08-06 02 meditation: noticing the presence or absence of the awakening factors 19:27
Short meditation using the checklist of the seven factors of awakening, to notice which ones are present and which absent
Foundations of Insight
2020-08-06 01 talk: an overview of the Fourth Establishment of Mindfulness 36:50
A brief introduction to Mindfulness of Dhammas, focusing on the five hindrances and the seven awakening factors
Foundations of Insight
2020-07-30 02 meditation: mindfulness of the mind, including emotions 25:23
Beginning with the body and breath, opening to sounds, then thoughts, then emotions
Foundations of Insight
2020-07-30 01 talk: introduction to practising mindfulness of emotions 23:48
Continuing with mindfulness of the mind, a short intro about practicing with emotions
Foundations of Insight
2020-07-26 talk: metta and the brahamvihara as a support for resilience 39:09
An overview of how the four brahmavihara - kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity - work together to support resilience; focuses on metta and a way of practice that doesn't use phrases
2020-07-25 07 guided meditation: mudita or appreciative joy 16:36
Beginning by tuning in to well-being in the body, opening to appreciation of what's going well in our own lives, then mudita for what's going well for others
Balancing Effort and Enjoyment
2020-07-25 06 talk: Right Effort and Mudita or appreciative joy 24:04
Looking at the four-part definition of Right Effort, and how mudita practice, the cultivation of appreciative joy, can support the development of skilful mental states
Balancing Effort and Enjoyment
2020-07-25 05 talk: the role of pleasant experience in formal and informal practice 16:25
Some common unhelpful attitudes to pleasant experiences in meditation and daily life practice, and suggestions for how to develop a more skilful relationship to them
Balancing Effort and Enjoyment
2020-07-25 04 meditation: mindfulness of hearing 25:36
Beginning with the body and breath, then opening up to the experience of hearing, receiving sounds and and any moments of silence
Balancing Effort and Enjoyment
2020-07-25 03 instructions: finding balance as a process of listening 16:50
Finding balanced effort as a process of attunement, with an overview of the practice of mindfulness of hearing as a way to train in receptive listening
Balancing Effort and Enjoyment

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